What I learnt in my first week back at work…

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Over the past 12 months I have been knee deep in diapers, kindy drop off, birthday parties, PTA meetings, mushy food, playgroup, laundry, school enrolments… and all the other cliche things that mums do. 

And here’s the thing: 

It’s not me. 

Don’t get me wrong, I loved it. I am SO lucky I got twelve entire months to saturate my newborn baby in love. And even luckier that the timing coincided with O’s last year before school. I loved it. And I thought I’d miss it. 

But I don’t… 

Me, being entirely satisfied after my first day back at work!

After my first week back at work, I can honestly say that that is not me. 

I realised something.

Happiness and satisfaction are not always the same thing. 

Yup, I was happy floating away in my mummy bubble. But I wasn’t satisfied. 

I dunno, I guess I should feel guilty. But I don’t. If anything I feel guilty for not feeling guilty… because #mumlife, but I don’t feel bad for enjoying my career and being an individual for 25 hours a week! 

Did I think about my kids whilst I’m working? Yeah, a bit… but not as much as maybe I should have. Did I worry about them? No, not at all. 

They are safe. They are settling in, but they will be happy. 

And I’m me. Still, always. And popping out a baby or two hasn’t changed that. 

Whether it’s working for the man, staying home with your babies, or a little bit of both, heck even a little bit of neither- babes you’ve got to do you. You’ve got to be happy, but you’ve really got to be satisfied!! 

Five things I’m doing before I return from maternity leave…

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If I had a dollar for every time someone told me to enjoy my last few days of freedom I’d have, like, 5 bucks by now. 

So next week, I head back to work after just over 12 months on maternity leave and seriously HEAPS of people keep reminding me to enjoy my last few days off

Honestly, I’m as giddy as a kid at Christmas. I love my kids but I am SO excited to get back to work. Sorry not sorry, it’s just part of who I am as a mother and as a person. 

So, in lieu of all of those who wish me a relaxing last week of maternity leave, here’s how I’ll be spending it: 

  1. Laundry. Because I’m going to find the bottom of my laundry basket before I go back to work so help me. 
  2. Working out. I am *like* 2kg away from getting my work pants to zip up, and these days I’m a true believer in if it zips it fits. 
  3. Meal prepping. More money, more problems- right? Well there will be if we spend all our wages on lunches. 
  4. Cleaning. Because in theory if we’re not home, we can’t mess the place up right? So it’s worth my effort.
  5. Transitioning the kids into care. This not only includes orientations and trials. It also includes calling centre link, paper work, clothing and shoe shopping, and labelling ALL the things.

And don’t worry guys, I’ll be spending plenty of time with the kids- but I’d do that anyway because they are my entire life and I live every second with them… but I feel like my first day at work will be a break, and a start to my perfect work life balance… right guys? Right!?!? 

P.s. If you too have admired my wonderful maternity leave tan here’s how you can get one of your very own: Simply try walking anywhere with a tired 5YO lagging along, whilst baby wearing a bouncing one year old… and before you know if you’ll be spending approximately 75% more time in the sun, and voila, your VERY own mat leave tan! 

New year, no clothes 

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No don’t worry, I’m not becoming a nudist. Not this year anyway… 

I’ve decided to set myself a little bit of a challenge for 2017. Well, it’s actually a huge challenge for this shopaholic. 

In 2017 I am not going to buy myself any new clothes. 

Yup, I know. 

You see, I have clothes. I have LOTS of clothes, because I LOVE clothes. 

But over the past 2-3 years I’ve really stopped buying disposable clothing and started investing in good quality, long lasting clothes. Which, in theory, should save me money. BUT I have still been shopping away like I used to, except now I’m spending A LOT more money. And disposing of a lot less clothes. My wardrobe is at capacity! 

So now it’s time to put my money where my mouth is or, more appropriately my money where my savings should be! 

The rules:

  • I can not spend any money on new clothes/ or shoes
  • This includes op shopping 
  • I can accept clothing/ shoes as a gift or enter competitions and win new clothing/ shoes
  • I can accept gift certificates and use them for clothes, but I must stick within that limit
  • I can purchase new underwear 
  • This challenge does not include new clothing for the kids 

Damn, now that I’m writing it all down I realise just what I am getting myself into! But I’m excited. I’m excited to experiment with my current clothes, I’m hoping this inspires me to get my booty into some of my pre-pregnancy clothing and I’m hoping to inspire others to step away from cheap disposable fashion and start investing in high quality local fashion brands (although not ALL my clothes currently fit this criteria). 

I’ll share my favourite look each week to let you guys know how I’m going. I also let you know what I’m wearing, how long I’ve had it and the quality of the pieces so you too can get excited about good quality clothing! 

So here’s to 2017, to a new challenge and a fatter wallet (oh and hopefully a thinner me)! 

Want to join in? Share your pics on instagram using #patchimperfect2017challenge 

School holiday hacks

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Happy new year guys!

Phew, now that the silly season is behind us, I am finding it harder and harder to keep the kids entertained these school holidays. And the crazy weather we’re having in Melbourne really isn’t helping (30+degrees and storming).

I have, however, come up with a few hacks that keeps the kids busy (and this Mama sane)!


  1. Indoor hide and seek.
    Duh, right!?! But seriously, you can play for HOURS, hide in the same spot over and over again and even get the toddler to seek if you’re after a few more minutes of R&R.
  2. Minecraft.
    Screen time, square eyes blah blah blah. Guys, “It’s an implicit way for them to develop self-regulation skills that then transfer to offline spaces—through having this freedom to create on Minecraft, they learn how to identify and work towards offline goals like finishing class assignments or graduating from college later in life.” Read more about it’s education value here.
  3. Good ol’ fashion Mums and Dads.
    Let the kids play the parents and you play the kid. They love it, but they also learn how challenging it can be to have someone at the absolute beck and call. Play an hour of this baby, and then sit back and enjoy at least 5 minutes nag free.
  4. Foam  dolls crafternoon [NOT SPONSORED]
    Not only does this keep them entertained (and the baby fed in our case, its okay guys we didn’t let her swallow it) it’s a really interesting way of seeing how your kids perceive themselves and you. Task them with creating a foam doll of each of your family members, then sit back and watch the hilarity ensue. “Mum, I want to put prickles on Dad like when he doesn’t wash his face and gives me a goodbye kiss.”
  5. iPad in bed
    Yeah I did! Seriously, being a kid is exhausting and if they’re anything like Oliver they go and go and go and go… we’ve downloaded a few games on the iPad and let him watch an episode or two of his favourite show on netflix. It’s a great way to get him to stop, and an even way to give me a break… because let’s be honest, it takes a lot of energy to keep the kids happy on school holidays and it’s okay to take the easy way out every now and again.

How do you keep your kids busy whilst you’re stuck at home these school holidays?

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2016 taught me the lesson I HAD to learn…

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2016 sucked yeah? 

Well, not for me actually. 

It was hard, but it was one of those challenges that has entirely bettered me as a person. 

You see, I went into 2016 thinking, knowing, that I could do it all. And you know what, I can. And in 2016, I did. 

I freelanced, I raised my kids, looked after my family, kept my house clean all.the.time, lost a shit load of weight, remained at my friends, aquaintences and even people I didn’t like, beck and call. I sat down for a total of 15 minutes in 2016, not including all that damn driving I did to keep O in kindy. 

I was seriously run off my feet. 

And I loved it. It was amazing. But I didn’t get to enjoy it all that much. I went from one thing to the next without so much as a breath. I wanted to keep EVERYONE happy. So much so that I forgave my own happiness. I remember sitting in the car after driving to 3 different places, typing my next destination into google maps and just crying. I’d had enough. But sure enough I wiped my eyes, painted on a happy face and got on with in. 

But I made myself a promise. NO MORE! 

How can I be the best mum if I’m not the best me? 

Not doing it all doesn’t mean failing. It means respecting yourself and your limits. Saying no every once in a while doesn’t mean you’re a shit bloke, it means you’re human. And it may come as a shock to you, but I too am a mere mortal… I know right!?! 

So here’s my pledge for 2017. I’m going to chill the fuck, I mean I already have and it’s so liberating. 

I’m going to say no. And sometimes it will be no just ’cause I don’t wanna. 

I’m still going to be an amazing mum, wife and friend- but I’m going to keep some for me. 

Oh and I’m going to start playing music again, because I love it and I keep telling myself I don’t have time. And I probably don’t, but I’m just going to have to make time. 

So here’s to 2016, for being nothing like expected but for being exactly what we needed! 

Happy new year everyone. To all the loved ones I’ve met and all those I’ve kept, thanks for being such a big part of what made this year amazing and I can’t wait to share 2017 with you all xx 

Dear Imogen, on your first birthday…

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(Well, a week and a half later.)

Dear Imogen,

I can’t believe you are one. My baby, my last baby.

You are a shining light in all of our lives. We just adore you, and whilst I find it so hard to believe that anyone could love you as much as your Mummy and Daddy do, when I see the way Oliver looks at you I know that you make his heart skip a beat too.

He wants to marry you. He wants to spend every day for the rest of his life with you. And I know why. You are perfection.

My one wish is that you both adore each other as much as you do now for the rest of your life. You are his best friend, and he is yours.

You are graceful, there is something about you that is SO elegant. You move, you crawl, you have taken a few steps but you don’t yet walk. You crawl so fast, and you like the security of it. You could walk tomorrow or you could wait a month. And you climb, boy do you climb. But not blindly, you calculate… you push your stall up the couch/bed/wall, and up you go.

You talk, you sing, you yell. Your first sound was Mama, but your first proper word was Panda. You don’t say Mama any more, your vocabulary includes: Panda, Dadda, Oliver (Obaba), Babcia, Hello (Hebo), and Ta.

You love playing the Ta game. You pass it and say Ta, and we pass it back. You could play for hours. You also enjoy pointing at yourself in the mirror, chasing Oliver around the house using your walker, poking your tongue out, anything to do with water and smacking Ollie (mostly on the butt).

You love animals, food, milk and us. You’re not overly interested in your toys… unless of course Oliver is playing with them. You are cautious with new people, and take a long time to warm up. You are so cuddly with us, and clingy when you’re tired. But around other people you are very chill.

You’ve had a tricky relationship with sleep, but then your schedule has been all over the shop. Now that we are home, you actually love sleep and I actually get some. It’s fantastic!

I never realised how much we needed you before you came into our lives. But we did. All of us. It’s been the most amazing year with you my Imdog, I just love watching the little girl you are becoming.

Thank you for choosing us. You are everything we never knew we needed and I couldn’t imagine our lives without you.

Happy first birthday baby girl.


New Years res…

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I’m going into 2017 with a new attitude, ‘if it’s not fun, don’t do it!’ 

We’ve worked hard to get where we are. So, so hard. And now, it’s time to enjoy. 

You see, I have always been a firm believer in ‘you get out what you put in!’ We, I, have sacrificed so much in the past 9 years. And I’m SO proud of what we’ve achieved. 

And now it’s time to flippin’ enjoy it! 

So if it’s not fun, I’m going to say no. This lil’ people pleaser is going to struggle at first, but fuck it! I deserve it. My kids deserve me to be happy. And my hubby deserves me to chill the fuck. 

My first New Years resolution in a lonnnng time, but I’m tipping it’s going to be one I can stick with! 

What are you resolving for in 2017?