International Women’s Day 2015: A Women’s Day Wrap

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Happy International Women’s day!


This year, the theme of International Women’s Day is Make it Happen.

I’m not going to #IWDliketheLNP and celebrate the day by being excited by the fact the women are now more accepted by men. Nor am I going to talk about why we still need feminism— and yes, we do! Instead, I am going to celebrate some incredible women who inspire me to #MakeItHappen. 

I was fortunate enough to celebrate some incredible female doctors for my piece in Inside ACEM this week:  Women in Emergency Medicine.

Clementine Ford started a fantastic discussion on Twitter recently, #QuestionsForMen, highlighting everyday sexism that women experience everyday. BuzzFeed summarised the best tweets.

Eden Riley, over at Eden Land, continues to inspire me daily with her open mind and open heart. Recently, she’s blown my mind with her articles on The Dark Side of Blogging and My name is Eden, I made Bad Choices Too.

Amanda Palmer has broken down so many barriers for us ladies. After her record label wanted to pull her video clip because she looked “too fat” she went out on her own and crowd sourced the funding for her next album. She did a wonderful Ted Talk that was a massive UH-HUH moment in my life. She recently published a book The Art of Asking.

And last, but certainly not least, Sylvie Stern, my personal mentor. We recently lost Sylvie to cancer and ever through her death she has inspired me to be a better person and Make It Happen.
Sylvie started the first ever LGBT friendly night club in Canberra after spending time in New York on the Jazz scene singing with the likes of The Four Tops and Bo Diddley. In her later years she dedicated her time to 2XXFM Community Radio Station and offered herself to mentor those who came into the station, bright eyes and bushy tailed (me). In her spare time, she was an advocate for any cause that needed her and somehow managed to fit in walking impounded dogs.
She was the epitome of powerful women!

Who are some of the women who have inspired you most?

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