Work-life UNbalance

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People always ALWAYS ask me I how I balance my family and my full time work. So here it is, my little secret; I don’t!

Work life balance

But actually, I’m okay with it.

I used to feel guilty all the time. Guilty for not being the mother who holds her child every time he cries. Guilty for not being the employee who can stay back until all my work is finished and arrive at the crack of dawn.

But you know what, I can’t!

Some days I barely even make it in to work by 9:30, and I still have to run out the door by 4:30 to pick Ollie up if James is caught back at work.

You see, he’s in the Navy and he’s a dude. He doesn’t get the same “flexibility” that I get.

But I’ve come to be okay with that too. Okay at a household level, not a societal level.

I also have 5 hours sick leave left, and a whole lot of my annual leave gets taken up by appointments for Oliver.

And yes, I’m okay with that too.

My boss may occasionally roll his eyes, and my work may sometimes be finished on a train or at home. However I always meet my deadlines, I always make up my 38 hours per week and I always produce the best possible work I can.

So yeah, I’m okay with that.

And my son, well I often leave him crying at day care yelling out “Mummy, I’m siccccck” or “I come with you!”

On the train ride to work, I’m not okay with this. I’ve shared my fair share of tears with other Mum’s leaving their crying children each day.

But by the time I get home, he is busting at the seams to tell me all the great things he did at Kindy and I realise that we’re both, you guessed it, okay!

So, how do I balance work and life. I don’t, and that’s okay!

What about you, how do you do this balancing gig?

2 thoughts on “Work-life UNbalance

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