Time is a four letter word.

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Time, I actually have none.

Okay, very little.

It's not about having time, it's about making time.

Okay, truth bomb. My motivation to make time for things that I should do, but don’t necessarily have to do is very VERY low.

Like food, we have been eating crap. It’s awful. It’s disgraceful. But it’s so easy. And exercise, seriously at this point in my life I have NO idea how I ever fit it in. Oh and laundry, I have about three loads of clean washing to put away today. I should be doing it right now, yet here I am.

Some days, I wake up and I feel like shit. I honestly feel like I am failing, because I’ve gained a few KG and my house isn’t spotless. My chest gets really tight and then I promise myself I will do better.

And then Oliver comes it, he’ll normally ask for a cuddle, and thank me for the activity we did the day before, or asks what we are doing today, or just generally beam with happiness. And then I’ll dress him in all clean clothes, brush his teeth, pack his bag and head out for the day.

And when we come home, our house might be a mess, and our clothes might still be folded in their baskets, and we might not be eating super foods for every meal.

But we’re happy. Oliver’s happy. And our days our filled with special moments, not instagram-able bedrooms. Whilst I’d prefer the two, I’ve learnt to be okay with this for now.

Oliver is only a kid once, and I can have a clean house for the rest of my life.

How did you learn to let go of your old priorities?


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