I stand for equality

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Today, same sex marriage was legalised across the US.  

And as excited as it makes me, I can’t help but feel sorrow for my fellow Australians.

Why are same sex couples in Australia- the so called free country– less equal than everyone else?

And why is it that I can marry my partner 9 months after we have a child together and legally that is okay?

I’m pretty sure that’s a smitable offence.

And what about this girl I know that married a guy she only knew a few months, left him (after getting state funded counciling) and then married some other guy.

Sure, I’d fight for her right to do that too. But she has that right.

The argument that marriage is an institution between a couple a god is bullshit.

I respect your right to be religious, but I am not. In fact, I married my husband so that as a defence wife I had more rights when he was away- and I wanted the same last name as my child.

We got married in a Brewery. I really thought of it as no big deal.

But actually, it was close to the best day of my life. And I love being married.

And I don’t believe in god!

And we had sex before we were married. And we lived together before we were married. And we did all these things that are considered sinful by the bible- and we continue to do them.

But my husband is a man, and I am a woman. So we get the privledge of marriage.

And yes, right now in Australia, it is a privledge and not a right- because not all of us are allowed to do it.

But fuck it, it should be a human right!

Sorry I’m a little bit ranty this morning. But love is love, and a group of men in blue ties and woman who call them out on that sitting on top of a hill in Canberra do not get to have a say on that.

They don’t! Yet they do have that say. And they say no!

I stand for equality. I stand for love. I stand for Australia.

I stand for everyone to have a day as beautiful as these two (prepare the tissues).


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