How often do you post on Facebook?

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Thanks to Timehop, I’ve recently been reminded of the days that I used to share everything on Facebook.  And I do mean everything.

For example, on this day five years ago I managed to avoid a hang over from the previous nights antics. I also ‘had’ to go shoe shopping.

Yup, riveting stuff, pretty sure my friends on Facebook were stoked to read those updates.

It made me question, how often should I post on Facebook?

If you ask Hubspot, they’ll tell you that dependsAnd I’m sorry to say, they’re right!

In fact, their latest benchmark data found that unless you have over 10, 000 followers on Facebook there is actually a decrease in interaction when you post more frequently.

Companies with less than 10,000 followers that post more than 60 times a month receive 60% fewer clicks per post than those companies that post 5 or fewer times a month. 

And with the new algorithms, it’s no wonder. Facebook has been working really hard to prioritise content shared by friends over content shared by pages. Forbes explains some of those changes here.

Which is great for users, except for, you know, those pesky ads. But I guess by now we all know that if we are not paying for a product, we are the product.

So what does that mean for you? And how can you make your post show up, and stay, on your followers Newsfeed?

It’s pretty simple, stay interesting! Yup, it’s not about how much you post, it’s about what you post. Content is everything.

You know your followers. You know what they want to see. *Spoilers* it’s not every.single.thing you have to do that day.

But incase you are hard up for ideas, here’s bufferapp’s The Anatomy of a Perfect Facebook Post

A perfect Facebook post:

  1. is a link
  2. is brief—40 characters or fewer, if you can swing it
  3. gets published at non-peak times
  4. follows other posts on a regular schedule
  5. timely and newsworthy

So how often do you post on Facebook, and more importantly, what do you post on Facebook?


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