Hittin’ reset.

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Wow, it has been a busy couple of months here in Bayside Melbourne. The wonderful-meets-chaotic-meets-expensive kind of busy. I honestly feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground since about February.

Boy-o-boy, did we need a break.

A holiday would be nice, but with bubs #2 on the way, we need to save all my annual leave days. So we took the night, and went and visited James’ family’s holiday house in Anglesea, or as Oliver calls it- the house in the jungle.

Apart from the absolute freezing cold, it was exactly what we needed.

We took a moment, and we paused. Just long enough to catch our breath.

Man, I nearly cried along with Oliver as we left. But I suspect we will be back soon.

ze kids

walking to the lighthouse1

Mummy and Ollie


lighthouse Oliver

lighthouse walking 1

1. Oliver and Panda en route

2. Walking up to the light house

3. Cuddles by the bay

4. At the whale look out

5. Oliver going ‘round the twist

6. Going on an adventure


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