Exhausted. Delighted.

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Pregnancy is exhausting.

My back hurts, my nipples are sore, I’m either starving or way over full.

I sleep at least ten hours a night, but it’s never enough.

I walk about 10km a week and do yoga, but I still miss the relief that excercise brings- both mentally and physically.

I’m so moody. I go from hysterically laughing to a deep depression at the drop of a hat. Not to mention my anxiety…

It’s so easy to complain about being pregnant.

But you know what, I’m also delighted.

I’m so delighted.

Right now I’m lying here and I can feel my baby moving around in my belly.

Oliver and I have been discussing baby names and how excited he is to be a big brother- he’s still not sure if it’s a boy or a girl but he can NOT wait!

Being pregnant is hard. Being a parent is hard.

But it’s utterly delightful.

One smile outdoes an entire nights sleeplessness. One kiss makes the sacrifices of career and finances all worth while. And to hear them say ‘I love you’, there are no words to explain how amazing that makes you feel.

So whilst I am totally exhausted, and boy am I ever, I am floating in a land of delight.

My body is growing a baby. A sibling to my big baby. A child to the love of my life. And an extension of myself.

From today, I choose to shift my focus on to the delight of growing this baby.

How did you deal with exhaustion during pregnancy?


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