Stop stressing, it’s fine. 

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Anxiety sucks. Anxiety when you’re pregnant is absolutely horrendous!

When I first found out I was pregnant, I went off my anxiety medication— which was an SSRI. It was probably the most difficult week of my life, but the risks of staying on the medication far outweighed the risks for me. So I weaned, and I vomited, and I cried. Yup, it was horrendous. But I got through it and I got off the medication.

But my anxiety was back!

The sweaty hands, the racing heartbeat, the raised voice…

Managing anxiety is not as simple as just relaxing. In fact, the worst things you can say to a person suffering from anxiety is just relax, or even worse, just stop stressing.

It is not that simple.

And when you add anxiety into the mix of everyday stresses on top of the stress of giving up your body to a growing child, discomfort and severe exhaustion… the stress can really get to you.

Sometimes, you have to reach a breaking point— maybe even break— before realising that you don’t have to go it alone.

And that’s just what happened to me.

I started to crack. And instead of covering the cracks with masking tap, I decided to (after a slight melt down) put myself back together and go see my GP.

Unfortunately, there is no medication available that has been fully testing for adverse affects to my unborn child. After a very quick discussion with the hubby we decided that we simply cannot take the risk.

Instead, I decided to work out a management plan. A plan that includes yoga, meditation and talking it through. I’m also looking into seeing a physiatrist.

I am not going to let my anxiety define me. It is not who I am, it is simply something I have.

So until this baby arrives, I have to live with my anxiety. But together with my husband and my GP, I can manage it and try and actually enjoy being with child.

Did you have anxiety during pregnancy? And how did you manage it?

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