Pregnancy: take 2.

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I don’t think I’ve made a huge secret about how difficult I find pregnancy. But boy, is being pregnant the second time around an absolute shoe-in compared to the first time!

And here’s why!

Weight gain! During my first pregnancy I gained over 26 kilos, and it used to give me panic attacks just thinking about it. And I was so concerned I would never lose it. But I did, and then some. Sure, I’m heavier than I’d like to be right now, but the same stress doesn’t apply. I know I’ll lose it, so heck I’m going to enjoy it.

Breast feeding! There was no way in hell Oliver was going to be formula fed. NO WAY! But actually, he was. And actually, he is just fine! Yep, I’d love to breast feed this time around, but if I don’t- it’s okay (and I’ll have a little can of formula waiting just in case!)

Will I be I good mum? I know I’ll make mistakes, I know I’ll be sleep deprived, I know I won’t be perfect. But no mum is. But I know I’ll love my little one more than life itself, and I know I am a good mum.

Money money money!! I was so terrified about not having enough money in savings. We were on one wage and living in Australia’s most expensive city! These days, we have two incomes and even less in savings. Money comes and goes, we don’t have any large debt, we don’t have any ridiculous outgoings. And I know that money is not the key to being a good parent.

The baby. Before I had Oliver, I had this idea of how he would be. In that idea of him, there were no speech delays or  none of the behaviour issues that we’ve experienced. But NONE of that matters. It does not matter who my baby is, as long as they are happy. Anything else, we can adapt to- as long as they are happy and safe, we can mould our lives around them.

What did you find a lot easier to second time around?


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