You’re almost four!

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The other day, I had coffee with another expectant mother. We buzzed about the possibility of who our children might be, when I blurted, “after Ollie, I swore I’d never have another. “And then she asked, “so what made you change your mind?”



As a parent, we are constantly questioning if what we are doing is right. And it’s really hard to tell, even if it puts a smile on their face, if it truly is the best thing in the long run.

And boy, we sure did make some mistakes. But we weren’t to know. But we also did a lot right.

And yes, we had some tough moments with Oliver. He was pretty miserable when his Dad was away for 12 months (read about that here).

But everything we have done has been with his best interest at heart.

And, my gosh, does our hard work show in this beautiful little almost four year old boy!

Seriously, my kid is going to rule the world with that generous smile, kind heart and determined will.

But for the longest time, I wasn’t sure if having a second child would be the best thing. I wasn’t sure if we were doing this parenting this right.

And then, not long ago, it all clicked into place. It was almost as if overnight Oliver grew up and I realised all that worrying was for nought, that we have actually created a wonderful little man. Whether it be through the speech therapy or the occupational therapy, or even just age- he has become the most amazing little man.

And yes I know I might be biased, but seriously this kid finds a new way to make me proud every single day!

Being a parent to a newborn is probably the hardest thing we’ll ever do. And yes, I actually cant believe were going back for more.

But seeing who these babies become-, and seeing who we’ve become as their parents- that is why we decided to go back for round two.

And we can’t wait to meet this lil’ one!

When did you decide it was time to have another child?


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