Things not to say to a pregnant lady: the December/January due date edition!

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I read this hilarious post by Laura Evelyn Bee yesterday suggesting five things not to say to a pregnant lady. I certainly have to credit her restraint, keeping it to just 5!


It’s funny how when you are growing a child inside you people feel entitled to comment on, well, everything! From your body shape to your sex life… And yes, I know it’s often coming from a good place but that doesn’t always make it better.

Being that I’m due on NYE (Dec 31), which is also summer time here in Aus, I’ve found a whole new set of comments that I can definitely recommend NOT saying to a pregnant lady due around Christmas time!

  1. What are you going to do if you go into labour on Christmas Day? Call me crazy but I reckon the answer to this is pretty obvious: have a baby! And yes, I too have a friend born around Christmas who never gets to celebrate their birthday with friends. But if she does decide that she wants to join us on Christmas, there ain’t much we can do about it. Instead try comments like what a fantastic Christmas present or Santa is spoiling you this year! 
  2. I hope you have an air conditioner! Yes, I know summer time is hot. And yes, I know I’m going to be uncomfortable particularly if we have any heat waves in December, but again this is one of those things I have no control over. Instead, try you’ll have so much time for the beach of lucky you getting mat leave over summer!
  3. Are you going to keep them down in school? What!?!? I’ve actually had this question twice already. I think I’ll meet my baby before making that decision, and I’ve got a bit of time under my belt before making any decisions. Instead, let’s just talk about how cute they’ll be!
  4. Are you going to let your husband go out on NYE? I’ve had this question more times than I can count. And yes, I know it’s said in jest, but I ain’t no ball and chain! He’ll be staying home with me because he wants to and who knows, we might even be having a little party of our own in the labour room.
  5. Did you plan it? I couldn’t write one of these without highlighting how unnecessary and inappropriate this question is. And it’s no less unnecessary or inappropriate when you slightly alter it to  ‘did you plan it for this time of year?’ Instead, try you’re so lucky to be expanding your family- or you can just talk about how fantastic I look. Or even the weather. Anything but the planning of the child!!
  6. You’re going to be huge! No matter when the pregnant woman you are talking to is due, don’t say this. Ever. She knows. She probably already feels huge and the thought that she is going to get bigger… Urgh!! If you find the words falling out of your mouth replace the word huge with glowingor better, the most beautiful pregnant woman ever, or even better again, the most fantastic mother. 

Do you have your own special set of things never to say to a pregnant woman?


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