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Oliver says:

Mummy, when I go to bed you can’t turn the light off. Why not honey? Because I’m going to get dead and I don’t want to get dead in the dark.

Mummy, when they shock me at the hospital because I get dead, you can’t leave me alone there. Don’t leave me alone at the hospital when I get dead. 

Needless to say, we ended up at Energency with a common cold because I was freaking out. Turns outs, he doesn’t quite understand the concept of death (obviously, he’s four!).

Oh, no worries Mummy. If I get dead you just take me to the police or the doctor and they make me better!

We’re going to the pet store to get some food for Cheesy (our lizard). Can we get a new one? I want a blue tongue. We can’t have two. No worries, we’ll take Cheesy back! 

You look much better! I’m still sick. *cough cough* 


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