7 ways my first job was just like my first love

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I know I’m where I am supposed to be. I’ve dreamt of being exactly where I am my entire life, and most days I can’t actually believe I’ve made it. But no matter how in love I am, I can’t help but think back to my first.

And no, I’m talking talking about my first boyfriend, I’m actually talking about my first job.

But you’re right, the two are very similar. So here’s my list of 7 ways my first job was just like my first love:


1. The first day nerves. I wore a brand new outfit, I had my nails done and my hair perfect, I’d read over my uni notes to prepare and I arrived half an hour early (but waited in the car park until 5 minutes before). And when I got there my boss was running late and I had to clear my own desk! Kinda like my first date…

2. I tried so hard to impress it. Seriously, I bent over backward. I worked overtime and never took TOIL. And when it was a jerk to me, I’d try ever HARDER to impress it. Yup, I was definitely after approval with my first love too. 

3. We never talked about it. I never asked my boss for feedback, I figured if they had something they needed to tell me- they would just tell me. I also thought they would just know when I had a problem… I have since learnt to talk about it. Communication was not high on the agenda in my first relationship either…

4. I thought I’d be there forever. I seriously never saw myself working anywhere else, even though everyone told me it wouldn’t last forever… Am I right?

5. I talked about it ALL the time. I really thought it was super interesting and EVERYONE wanted to know about everything we did there. Snore… All my friends knew every disgusting detail of my first job AND my first love. Sorry gang!

6. Resigning broke my heart. Even though I knew I’d outgrown it, and it didn’t make me happy anymore, I still felt like I owed it so much. I also played the whole, it’s not you it’s me card. But it was definitely them! I used the same line on my first boyfriend too, and again it was definitely him!

7. I learnt a lot! Although it sounds like a pretty average experience, I actually look back on my first job with a lot of fondness. I learnt so much there, and not just about the job but also about myself and what I deserve in a workplace and how I should be treated. I have never looked back on it with regret, because it really is a big part of the gal I am today. Just replace job with love and that about sums it up.

And that, folks, is how my first job was just like my first love. What about you, do you have any comparisons I might have missed?

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