5 things I seriously took for granted before becoming a parent 

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Remember the good ol’ days of ducking to the shops and eating dinner at 9PM? 

I do. And often, I kick myself for so many of the things I took for granted before becoming a mother. 

So here it is, the top 5 things I seriously took for granted before becoming a parent…

1. Ducking to the shops. Remember, needing some ingredients for a recipe so you’d just pick up your purse and head down the shops? These days- I’d sooner plant and grow the ingredients myself than go through the hassle of getting a young one out the door, through the shop tantrum free, and back home whilst remaining motivated to actually cook the darn meal. 

2. Sitting through a meal. Remember that feeling of sitting down at the table to a meal and being able to eat the whole thing, at your own pace? Heaven! Today, it took me so long to get through an ‘ice coffee’ at a cafe today, courtesy of several Lego issues, that it was actually warm by the end and I’m reasonably confident the milk had turned! 

3. Trips to the bathroom/ showers. I once enjoyed my privacy. These days, nothing is sacred. Honestly, I can’t even remember the last time I bothered to close the bathroom door, the sound of the bathroom door clipping shut is a sure way to draw the little ones attention! 

4. Excercise. I hate excuses for not being able to excercise, but raising a child sure is a good one. And I remember back when fitting exercise in around work and a social life was tough… 

5. Sleep. Man, did I seriously take this one for granted. I have always loved my sleep, but never have I truly appreciated the meaning of sleep deprivation until I became a mother. If I could go back and do one thing, it would honestly be sleep more! 

Now, I’m quite sure that in 12 months time I’ll revise this list and think, gosh did I have it easy. So, any tips for what I might be taking for granted now so that I can appreciate them before I have my second child? 

One thought on “5 things I seriously took for granted before becoming a parent 

    Sandy said:
    October 25, 2015 at 7:22 pm

    Only choosing the initial title that provides a hefty extra isn’t likely to reduce it.


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