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We spent this week in Adelaide at a family reunion, so I’m sharing two pics this week!

Oliver says: 

Road tripping to Adelaide from Melbourne in the early hours: Are we on our holiday yet? 

I love honey bickie. When did you have a honey bickie? No, the lady. Oh, Auntie Vicki!

He got sick on our holiday, and we decided to take him to the ED after vom #3 and his temp wouldn’t drop. Naturally, I got a bit stressed in the car and was being a bit vocal. Oliver decided to try and cheer me up: Mummy, you’re beautiful. And you’re very strong. Daddy, you tell her. 

The morning after the aforementioned ED visit I asked him how he felt. He whimpered: I feel great. I can play with the other kids already!! 

I loved our holiday! 

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