30 weeks pregnant.

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Today I am 30 weeks pregnant.

And I feel like a whale. Despite promising myself I wouldn’t gain the same amount as I did with Oliver, I have.

Oh well!

Oh well because I am incredibly healthy. The midwives always seem a little surprised. My blood pressure is perfect and my glucose levels are by the book. I have a slight iron defiancy but after 5 days of iron tablets I am back on top of the world.

And bubs, she is doing great. She’s a moved and a shaker- just like her lil’ bro. I love watching her poke her bum up in the air.

Gosh I can’t wait to hold her in my arms.

And Oliver, wow is he ready to be a big bro. I think the best moment of my life will be when these two littles meet.

This little lady is so lucky to have Oliver as her big bro. He already absolutely adores her. And he has taught me so many lessons that I know make me a better mum. Patience, respect, emotional control…

I am still working, and will be up until 36 weeks (well that’s the goal). Working and mothering has made this pregnancy feel a lot faster, perhaps a lot less relaxed but certainly less stressful.

In just 10 weeks we get to meet our precious little girl. And boy we can’t  wait! Christmas is already my favourite time of year, meeting my baby girl is really the only thing I can think of that would make it any better.

She is due on NYE, anyone want to take a guess of when she’ll actually come?


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