Thanks for locking the gate…

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Last night I got home from work and was greeted by a very unusual sight. The glass on my front door had been smashed right near the door handle. It took a few seconds for it to sink in… Someone had broken into my house.

Instead of being greeted by an excited puppy, I was greeted by the sight of our belongings everywhere and an empty space where my laptop should be. Which explains the formatting folks, I’m blogging from my iPhone. 

I had my 4yo in tow, so I knew we had to leave. So I grabbed my dog and yelled out my apologies to the pet lizard and drove back to Oliver’s daycare where I called the police, my husband and my parents. In tears of course. 

I then remembered I’d left my wedding band at home that day (fluid retention is hitting me hard this pregnancy). The tears poured.

It’s just stuff, my husband assured me.

I met my parents at the house after taking mr4 through the macca’s drive through- so sue me. 

My mum just said, I’m sorry I’m sure your rings are gone. They’ve ransacked everything.

But somehow, and really I don’t know how, they weren’t gone. They were right where I left them.

Ollie, Mum and I didn’t stick around long. It’s not really the ideal setting for a 4yo, a grandmother and a heavily pregnant anxiety sufferer.

We went back to my folks place, whilst my father and hubby dealt with the police. Hubby stayed home to start the lonnnng clean up, and I got to be taken care of by my parents for the night- which I really really needed.

When I finally went to bed last night I was pissed off! I hated the thief, and I felt really unlucky.

But at some stage of the entire four hours of sleep I got, something changed. They locked the gate. They didn’t have to lock the gate and my dog would have escaped and who knows what would have happened. But they locked the gate. 

They didn’t get my wedding rings, by some strike of luck they didn’t come across them. Who knows, maybe the even left them?

I went from feeling so unlucky to feeling like we were hit with the lucky stick. I mean, as far as robbers go, we sure got the courteous type.

And since then, we’ve had so much courteousy. From the staff at both Teds Cameras and JB hi fi for bending over backwards to find old receipts for stuff that was stolen, to the police who were so helpful, to our families who are just always there when we need them to even our real estate agent and landlord who organised the glass repaired and a quote for a security door.

Even the customer service lady at AAMI was genuinely bending over backwards to provide me with all the information we needed.

Heck, even Oliver’s daycare offered us extra days and any help we required.

Being broken into SUCKS!  The thought that someone came into our home, and went through all of our stuff- it’s just eery.

But at the end of it all, I have learnt that generally, people are good and people really care. Not everybody, but most. And I feel really lucky to know this!

How’s your luck been recently?

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