My house got broken into, and all I got was this lousy irrational fear of online strangers

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I share a lot and I share it instantly through all my different social media platforms.

But ever since my house got broken into, I’m a lot more conscious of who might be watching…

In fact, the day my house was broken into I shared this image on Instagram:

Essentially I told everyone that I was not home.

Now I’m not saying that the person who broke into my house follows me on Instagram, in fact I’m confident they don’t, but it did make me consider the security around sharing certain things instantly. I only ever share my current location if I’m in a public place, and never tag myself at home. But now, I’m don’t even want to do this!

I’m scared that someone will put the pieces together and break into my house.

A few days after the break in, I purchased an item of Gumtree. And as soon as I arranged the drop off I got terrified. I was so nervous it was someone casing my house.

It was just a little old lady with a ute, but I sure did make my husband go greet her!

I’ve never had any fear around the use of gumtree and picking up items. I love digital apps, I love Gumtree, eBay, air tasker, air BnB, uber ect. I love sharing moments, thoughts and photos instantly online. I love seeing what my peers online are doing and I love seeing it as they do it.

I practice safe online security, yet I’ve never been too over overly cautious. As I always say to my son, be safe not scared. 

But now, I’m a bit scared. I hope it doesn’t last forever, but I think it might take a little while to get my mojo back.

Gosh, I hope it doesn’t a take too long!

Have you had an event shake your passion for this beautiful, instant, open, online world? And what did you do to overcome it?


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