Them pregnancy hormones… 

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This week, the pregnancy hormones have REALLY kicked in and I have been an absolute emotional wreck!  

Some of my emotional roller coaster highlights from this week include:

  • Passive aggressive Cass telling the guy on the end of the phone that having to pay $8 for a statement of my own bank account is absolutely ridiculous, (cough, HSBC, cough) wishing him a good day and hanging up!
  • Crying, nay howling, into a bowl of cereal (an evening bowl no less) because everyone went to bed and I felt lonely.
  • Getting really pissed off that no cars would let me merge after being stuck behind a broken down car, putting my hand on the horn and pulling out- then letting the five cars also stuck in front of me out. (The modern day Robin Hood I’d say!)
  • Over enthusiastically telling my case manager from AAMI all about my daily commute, which I was on at the time, when he asked if he could put me on hold. I think I was still talking when he put me on hold…
  • Laughing hysterically at this GIF. Seriously though, the way he flaps those arms, it kills me.

I can safely say that as far as my pregnancy has gone, this week has been the most unstable for my poor ol’ emotions.

Only nine weeks to go. Phew.

When did your pregnancy hormones really kick in?


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