Co-sleeping with a 4 year old 

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It’s 4AM, my pregsomnia has kicked in and I’ve been kicked out of bed by my 4 year old.

But I’m not pissed, or even a little bit cranky. If anything, I’m just annoyed that I can’t go back to sleep with my little one in my arms. Because you know what, I absolutely love sharing a bed with my son.  

Now, I totally get that co-sleeping is not for everyone, and maybe it’s the fact that Oliver refused to share a bed with us until he was about 2 years old, but seriously the older he gets to more I hold on to it.

And look, Oliver doesn’t actually fall asleep in our bed. He goes to bed in his bed at 7PM. So no, it doesn’t affect our ‘us’ time, although being that I’m 8 months pregnant there’s not a whole lot if ‘us’ time going on at the moment!

And it’s not every night.

But when he does come in, it’s normally around the 3AM mark, and some mornings I just wake up and he’s there. And when I do wake up, it’s normally to his beautiful face grinning at me and asking for a cuddle.


Now I could sit here and rattle off the benefits of co-sleeping, to which there are many, but instead I’m going to end with a time I hated co-sleeping. HATED IT.

When we moved to Melbourne, we found a temporary home in a 1 bedroom flat which meant Oliver and I had to share a bed. (Hubby was deployed). Prior to that, Oliver shared my bed maybe 2-3 times a week, so this was a big jump for both of us. And it was a dingy old flat, the type that gets so cold you sleep with your head under the blankets.

At night, as we would sleep, he would be so cold he would literally be on top of me, and he is an active sleeper- so I was REALLY sleep deprived. He was also struggling with the change ect. and to be honest so was I. It wasn’t the best of times.

Then one night, he stayed at my parents house. I was SO excited for a good nights sleep. But I couldn’t sleep, and then the fear hit me. My son is nearly at school age, and soon enough he won’t even want to hug me let alone share an entire night of cuddles with me. And I cried. I mean, I really howled, I just felt so sad knowing that one day I won’t be the one that can make his whole world feel okay.

And every night since then, even the ones I get a round house kick to the face, I think about that. I think about how now, as we lay in bed I am making everything okay. And one day, he will wake up and decide he doesn’t need that anymore. And that’s actually really flippin’ sad.

I’m not sure how this co-sleeping dealio will work when the little lady comes along, but frankly I’m not worried. We can always get a bigger bed, but we can’t take back those moments we never had!

What about you, do you co-sleep? And if you’re the parent of an older child would you go back and change it if you could?


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