Living bayside

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When I moved home to Melbourne, I was determined that we would find a trendy inner city suburb, drink coffee all day and eat dumplings all night.

But when I secured us a sublet in a beach side suburb and saw my son fall in love with the beach. From that moment, we new we wanted to live walking distance to the beach!   Admittedly, throughout winter when I am mid way through my hour long commute to work, I really wonder if we made the right decision.

But all it takes is a day like today, and I am reminded that we did.

When we lived in Canberra we used to drive hours just to feel the sand between our toes. Every hour on that windy road was worth it. It was my reset button.

Today, I took the easy option and drove to the beach (32 weeks pregnant, I think I’m excused) and it took us two minutes! And as soon as I felt the sand between my toes and smell that salt air; complete and utter zen.

And my son, who insisted on bringing his new iDevice to the beach because he was sure he would play it, didn’t even think about it once. He is so centred at the beach, so focused and so well behaved. He runs, plays, discovers and swims.

Today, he even exfoliated my back!

It is our jam. Who knows what the future holds, but for the moment I am so in love with living bayside, and I can’t wait to spend my maternity leave here!

What do you love most about where you live?


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