Being 33 weeks pregnant

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I have definitely reached the I am going to be pregnant forever phase of my pregnancy! There really is no escaping it, the broken sleep, aching back, sore nipples– it is all encompassing.

In saying that, being 33 weeks pregnant is the BEST reason to be complaining! The pros far out weigh the cons.

33 weeks

The way my little lady moves inside, especially when I am sharing a bath with her big bro. It’s such a nice moment, he splashes water on my belly and tells me he is washing the baby. She kicks and rolls like crazy. A sign of many perfect moments to come.

The way her father looks after me, helping me off the couch and telling me to take it easy when I am trying to get everything done. The way he still looks at me like I am the most beautiful woman in the world even though I feel like an absolute whale.

The way we put together her nursery, knowing that soon she will be resting her head in that bed. And the way I just go in there and stare, because I really can’t wait to bring her home.

Oh and the laundry, the tiny little laundry. Many pieces used to belong to Oliver, and I can still remember the way his tiny little body looked and felt in those beautiful little clothes. OH, the baby cuddles. I can not wait for those either.

Pregnancy is such an amazing time. I wish I had realised that more with my first pregnancy, and certainly credit my son with allowing me to realise how wonderful it really is. It’s possibility. She could be anyone, and I know just as her brother did, she will change me in huge and positive ways too.

Seven weeks left until we meet this little lady, and at the moment it feels so far away. But I know it will be here in no time and I might even miss being pregnant.


Do you miss being pregnant? And if so, what do you miss the most?


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