I’m on maternity leave… Now what? 

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I’ve been on maternity leave for almost 36 hours.

mat leave

And yes it’s just kind of like any other weekends at the moment, but boy do I have big plans for Oliver and I before the big day!

When I was a stay at home mum, and even when I first went back to work I was SUCH a hands on mum.

Oliver and I crammed so much into our almost 2 years at home together. We crafted, we baked, we walked, played- I was the token Pinterest mum.

The less time we had together, enevitably the less we did together. Trying to balance quality time with Oliver, time with the hubby, friendships, personal time and a job is hard. Really hard.

And now, I have a little over a month until bubs comes along and I am determined to squeeze AS much quality time in with Oliver before that date- (and of course after)!

I’ve got a Pinterest board full of activities, and I am so excited to re-establish myself as a hands on mum. And to reinstate Oliver with the confidence that came with that.

Heck- I even joined his kindergarten committee. I am going to utilise every second of my maternity leave for both my kids. It felt like just yesterday that Oliver was rolling around in my tummy, and now he is about to go to school. I feel so lucky to get to spend his last 12 months before school at home with him, and I am so excited to share it with his sister.

In the blink of eye, it will be January 2017 and I’ll be heading back into the office. And I plan to head back exhausted after 13 months of being neck deep in parenting!

How did your first maternity leave differ to your second? Any recommendations that can help me balance it all?


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