Introducing Imogen Lee

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Meet Imogen Lee Joyce, born December 21 at 1:36PM at 51CM long and a healthy 3.5KG.

She is simply perfect!


In November our c-section had been confirmed and booked for December 24. We were fully prepared to welcome our little lady into the world the day before Christmas and to celebrate our first Christmas as a family of 4 in hospital. And whilst we were prepared, I had definitely shed a few tears.

So imagine my elation when we received a phone call on the 20th of December asking if we wanted to move our c-section ahead, one catch, it was the following day.

After I caught my breath I looked over to James and asked, “do we want to have our baby tomorrow?” Of course we did. 

An hour later we had our babysitter prepared (thanks Mum and Dad) and were sitting on a hospital bed completing our pre-op. It was all very surreal. On Sunday night we did all the last minute stuff we had planned to do in the days before her arrival, and surprisingly all three of us had a really good sleep that night. We knew we would need it.

On Monday morning, we were due at the hospital at 10:30AM. So we dropped Oliver off at my folks place, actually got a park (which is something to brag about at Frankston Hospital) and arrived at the ward pretty much at 10:30 on the dot.

We were met with a range of smiling faces, as they took us to our room and gave us a some time to settle in. It was all so very surreal, and James and I laughed away as we noticed my butt hanging out of my gown and just how handsome he looked in scrubs. He should have been a doctor, except for the blood and stuff…

As time went on, nerves started to really kick in. I had such a rough labour the first time, and whilst I did everything I could to be fully prepared I was still terrified of the what ifs…

But it was hard to be too nervous with James by my side, we were so excited and we saw the good in everything. And all the amazing staff supporting us along the way made it really and enjoyable experience. From the ward clerk to the head surgeon, I can not sing my praises loud enough.

I was wheeled into surgery at about 1PM. At this point I was so incredibly nervous, I felt like I was about to vomit. Jeff, the surgical technician (and iPhone photography extraordinaire) picked up on this. He got me to look into my eyes and he said to me, “Cass, everything is going to go fine. But you know what is going to make it go even better? If you just relax. Take a deep breath and relax.”

I will never find the words to express how truly calming his words were to me.

And what felt like 5 minutes later- but also an absolute lifetime- with James by my side, our beautiful Imogen was born. Screaming. Healthy. Perfect.

It was such a beautiful experience. A massive thank you to everyone at Peninsula Health- Frankston Hospital- for the amazing care provided to us. And of course to our beautiful friends and family who have been so supportive, not just over the last week, but the past nine months and beyond.

What an amazing Christmas it has been for this little patch!



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