How to stay sane with a newborn

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My baby girl is six weeks old tomorrow, and she is the most precious little thing.

But no matter how much we adore her, having a newborn is hard work and at times you feel totally unhinged.

So here are a few tips of how to stay sane with a newborn!


Sleep when you can. Not to be confused with sleeping when the baby sleeps. My best naps are had when my hubby is hanging with bubs, I don’t have to worry about her waking up or if she’s happy/cold/hungry. It could be when the baby sleeps, when hubby gets home or when grandma visits. Just sleep when you can.

Invest in food you can eat with one hand. Currently I eat about 75% of my meals with my daughter hanging off my boob, so making sure I can eat them with one hand removes a lot of stress around meal time. It can be as simple as cutting your food up into bite size pieces, to stocking up on foods such as savoys/ saladas ect.

Count, or watch the clock. When you’re rocking the bassinet at 3 in the morning, 30 seconds feels like an eternity. Make sure you count or watch the clock, it will keep you in check. And you’ll be surprised, both my newborn and my four year old normally KO by the time I hit 200.

Make up with your partner. You’re going to fight with your partner, you’re going to blame them for blinking at the wrong time and waking the baby… And they’ll probably blame you too. You’re both tired and stressed, nothing will test your relationship quite like a new baby. But be the bigger person, just apologise (even if they did fart and wake the baby) and remember you’re a team.

Try and get some time alone. This does not include sleeping. If you can, get someone to look after bubs whilst you go get a hair cut or your brows waxed. If you can’t get a sitter, just spend half an hour whilst bubs is sleeping enjoying a coffee in peace and quiet.

Get a seat for bubs, and get used to having an audience in the bathroom. What if I told you you can shower whilst bubs is awake? Well you can, just pop them in their baby rocker, hit vibrate and get your booty in that shower. You can also use this when going to the toilet, preparing food, cleaning and your sanity in general.

Tomorrow is a new day. Some days are really really hard. Sometimes, you have two really hard days in a row. But remember tomorrow is a new day, a day to reset and start again.

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