“They’re exhausted”… and other lies we tell ourselves to excuse our kids crappy behaviour

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We’ve all been there, watching our perfect child playing with another child when all of a sudden it happens.

You look up, and make eye contact with the other parent. You try to control your child, sometimes they’ll listen, more often than not they’ll just ignore you and carry on and then it happens, the excuse.

You explain to the parents with kids the same age and temperament as your own. If anyone, they are your people, they understand. Kids get tired, kids, get cranky, kids argue… and that’s okay.

But some parents are not always your people, we can be each others worst enemy. The hardest thing about parenting can often be other parents.

And whilst I have promised myself to stop making excuses for my child, to let him be who he is and to just let him be an ‘arsehole’ sometimes I still find myself digging deep into that bag of excuses. Sometimes it’s true and sometimes it is a complete lie- but it sure makes me feel better for about point 5 of a second.

crappy kids

So here are some of my go to excuses for my child’s crappy behaviour:

“The baby kept him up all night, and he loves to help settle her.” Yep, the sympathy card…

“He was at his grandparents and they gave him so much sugar.” Sorry Mum and Dad.

“His Dad had to work late last night and he got very stressed out.” This is often true.

“He likes to keep a toy on him for comfort.” Actually, I just couldn’t deal with the argument this morning.

“It must be a full moon.” Oh please let it be a full moon, otherwise he might be like this tomorrow!

“Hmm… he’s normally very good at sharing.” He is… but sometimes he is not.


So what’s in your bag of excuses?


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