Oliver, the teacher. 

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The other day Imogen sat in her bumbo and for the first time she held her head up high. When James got home from work, Oliver shared this milestone with his Dad.

“Imogen held her head up on her own. I’m so proud of her!” He said.

Bam, I knew we’d done something right with this one!

Oliver is what some would call a leader or bossy. I call him a teacher. Because that’s what he wants to do, he wants to teach, explain and tell.

And since the arrival of his little sister, he has become quite the little teacher.

You see, having an over excited four year old and a new born can be quite tough. They can love a little rough, or squeeze a little tight, and I felt like we were constantly saying no.

So we changed the conversation, instead of disciplining him, we taught him.

And it caught on, and now he teaches us.

But he really does, and not just that how to be a parent or how to love stuff (which sure he does). I’ve really learnt a few things from him.

Like, did you know that whales are called cows? I didn’t, in fact I was sure he was talking nonsense. Now thanks to Ollie (and a lil’ show called the Octonaughts) I know this to be true!

Oh and the Xbox, Oliver has taught me a coupla’ things about that thing. Like how to use both joysticks at the same time- “it’s okay Mum, you can do it!” 

And just today, he taught me how to use the trampolines at Gravity Zone. The look on his face when he reached his little hand out to try and pull me up out of the foam pit, full of care and honesty, oh my I wanted to explode. And the way he patted my back when I fell over the first few times. Not to mention the comment as we left, “next time we’ll do the harder stuff…”

Sometimes, I feel like I don’t have a handle on this parenting gig. Some days I think I should be doing things a hundred different ways. But when I see the good coming out if my son I think, you know what, I’ve got this.

And I’ve got him, which makes me the luckiest mother alive.

What about your kids, do they like to teach or are they more of the learning type?


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