10 week challenge: week 2

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Well, the honey moon period is officially over- but I am still loving the ten week challenge.

By far, the biggest challenge this week has been turning up. Not because I don’t want to work out, but because somedays I feel like I am leaving my family in chaos. But with out a doubt, everyone is benefiting from my new found love of me!


Of course I am doing this challenge for me, but I am also doing it for my family. And I already feel like I am a better Mum because of it. After 2 weeks of clean eating and exercise I feel 100% better. I am happier, so my family is happier. I am eating better, so my family is eating better. I have more energy, so my family is far more active.

This week we even took on Fort Nepean and Oliver (along with James, Grandma and I) completed a 10km hike. That was after my morning boot camp, which was by far the toughest work out I have ever completed. Safe to say the following day was rest day for all of us!

The one area I am really struggling with is my food. I am still eating healthy, but I am eating a lot of the same food every day- which I know I need to improve if I want to keep this lifestyle up for, you know, the rest of my life.

So, the weigh in. I lost another 2kg this week, which brings my total weight loss so far to 6kg- which is AMAZING! I have to keep reminding myself to focus on how I feel and not just the number on the scale as that will ebb and flow but 6kg is very encouraging!

I’ve also noticed that this week, I am not counting down anymore. The first week I kept telling myself that it’s just 10 week’s of my life. But this week, I’m really focusing on the long haul. Short term goals are great, but I look at some of the women in my work out groups and I think BAM I want to be like that!

Most of all this week, I am remembering to love myself and everything else will fall into place!



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