10 week challenge: week 3

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I love food, I love celebrating with food. Birthdays, graduations, good grades, good friends, good weather- any excuse to celebrate with food and I’ll be there.

But between the 4 year old, the 4 month old and my new gym schedule I really didn’t think eating out would be a massive challenge during this 10 weeks. This week, it was.

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I had my fathers birthday, which was celebrated at a pub, and dinner with the girls, which featured an amazing eastern feast.

Before the pub, I prepped myself to eat well. I looked at the menu before I left and decided on what i thought was the healthiest meal. When I got there I went into default pub mood and ordered the Chicken Caesar… I know it’s not great but at least it wasn’t a parma. I also skipped the cake, now THAT was hard! Oh and I just stuck with tap water.

I was okay with how I did at the pub, I reminded myself that this is a change I want to make for life and I need to make sure it is sustainable. Chicken caesar every now and again is definitely sustainable.

Then came dinner with the girls. My girlfriend is an amazing cook and also vegan so I knew the food wouldn’t be super unhealthy. And it wasn’t, I did however eat my weight in bread (oops!). I also got to eat ice cream with her yonana- and I have every intention of investing in one myself- super yum and super healthy!

I think the best achievement about this week is I didn’t give in. I am so all or nothing so learning balance is a real challenge for me. But this week, I maintained balance. I strayed from super healthy all the time, but didn’t just throw in the towel and go absolutely crazy.

I also maintained my workouts, still going to 5 each week and still lost a kilo- wooh!

My trainer showed me my before photo and I could REALLY see the different. I actually have hips now! I am still feeling great, a little bit exhausted from this gig called parenthood, but loving my new leash on life!

That puts me at 3 weeks in and 7 kilos down. My goal is to drop at least another 4kg, but ideally I’d like to be able to continue losing a kilo a week and really smash my goal!

One thought on “10 week challenge: week 3

    Bianca said:
    April 21, 2016 at 12:20 am

    Ceaser salad is fine babe! I always get them when i go out ☺☺ i just ask for the dressing on the side so that i can put as much as i want because sometimes they go crazy with the amount. Great work!!


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