Five things I wish I did before becoming a mum

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I was 23 when I had Oliver. These days, that’s really young. I know this because every man and his dog tells me so.

If I could go back, I’d do it all again. My kids are the best thing that have ever happened to me.


But if I could find a magic time machine, there are a few things I might go back and do before I had them!

1. Travel more. I did a big Euro trip when I was 19. I’ve also been to New Zealand, Thailand and seen a reasonable amount of Australia. But there is so much more I could have seen. I wish I sank every dollar I had pre-kids into travel. Alas, this year we have decided to start travelling WITH the kids (one overseas holiday a year) so wish us luck!

2. Learn to cook. At 22 I pretty much lived off dumplings, mi gorang and (of course) pizza on cheaper Tuesdays. These days, my cooking skills are to appease the four year old- which means I can cook a mean chicken nugget. I am getting there, but by 27 years of age I feel like I shouldn’t have to google “what is simmer?” ( a real thing that happened).

3. More date nights. We used to go out with our friends a lot. And we used to stay in together a lot. But I wish we’d just gone out the two of us more. I wish we took a few more spontaneous trips away. Luckily, we’re only in our mid twenties- so we have a bit of time for dating once the kids *sob* grow up.

4. Buy a house. Mortgage repayments we can do- but getting that deposit together whilst keeping a happy lifestyle with the kids (oh and paying rent) is almost impossible. We’re young and our time will come- but I’d love to be able to paint a wall!!

5. Sleep like a baby. Because lord knows my kids sure don’t! I regret every morning I ever woke up before 9AM and every nap I ever passed up prior to having kids. I wish there was a sleep bank where you could make deposits pre-children and make withdrawals once they come along. Why aren’t we funding that?!?

What about you, anything you wish you’d prior to being a parent? Or perhaps you’re waiting for something before you procreate?


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