10 week challenge: week 5

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This week, I have officially hit the half way mark of the 10 week challenge and I am feelin’ fine!


Half way, and ten kilos down. That’s right, I lost 2kg this week and I feel fantastic.

I also completed my best run since Immy was born this week- 4km at 7.38 per km. Nothing compared to what I was clocking pre-bubba but I sure have come a long way since that lil’ lady was born.

Another thing that has me glowing is how this new leash on life has really improved my relationship with my son. He comes to me now and asks me to play with him, just like he used to before I had Immy. And I can play with him. I think my absolute favourite is when he teaches me his cool dance moves. I really want my kids to look up to me, and I really want the to see the value in a healthy lifestyle!

I am feeling pretty bloody proud right now. I have been working my butt off, and it is really starting to show. I don’t expect to go on and lose another ten kilos in the next 5 weeks (boy it’d be nice) but I am as motivated as ever to keep smashing my goals.

Oh, and the best bit, I achieved all this and still got to eat some chocolate on Saturday night. I am really getting a grasp on this balance thing.

I am so glad I started, I am so so glad that I decided to take control of my weight and do something about it. I may be half way through the challenge, but I am only 5 week’s into the rest of my life!!


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