10 week challenge: week 6

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This week fucking sucked. There are very few things that were good about it. My daughter had a cold and just would NOT sleep, which left me absolutely exhausted. Like- sitting on my couch watching ABCkids in tears- exhausted.

It was tough. I ate horribly, when I ate. Because thats the thing with sick babies, they need you all the time. Preparing food was tough, and when I had a second it was spent with my son so we ate quick meals. I tried to keep them healthy, but quick meals rarely are. Heck, I even ate a cheeseburger- it was THAT kind of week.

But I showed up. I trained, and I was mindful. On days that I ate crap, I worked harder. On days that I’d barely eaten at all, I went easy on myself.


I didn’t expect a loss this week, but I still lost half a kilo. It’s not much, but it reflects how much I have learnt.

You see, I used to be all or nothing. So if I ate poorly, I just let myself go completely. And if I didn’t have the energy to work out at my full capacity, I wouldn’t even go. But this week, I ate a bit of shit food, yeah, but I didn’t let myself go. I went half arsed at a few workouts, sure, but I turned up.

And now things are settling back to normal. Today I worked my arse off at the gym. Imogen’s sleep is (somewhat) returning to normal. My diet is back on track. And I am feeling another gush of motivation (just in time).

So yeah, this week was not ideal. And sure, I’m disappointed in the small loss this week- but I’m still here! And I’m still moving.

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