Ten week challenge: week 8

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After a weekend away, and essentially eating all the junk food that Ballarat had to offer, I learnt the hard away about the impact of crappy food on my body.

By Sunday night, I was dehydrated, exhausted and my skin was breaking out.


When that protein shake hit my lips Sunday afternoon- boy was I happy!

Food is my biggest downfall. I love it, and I love the sugar, salty, fatty stuff. And I struggle to stop once of started. So it’s no surprise I have a weight problem. 

And I know a lot about nutrition. I got it, I knew what it all meant, but for the first time this week I truly understood the importance of proper food. Three days later and I’m still detoxing the crap!

So yeah, I wasn’t expecting a loss this week so I decided to tackle one of my goals- and I did it. I ran 5 km!! Wooh.

And somehow, I even managed to drop a kilo this week. Wood wooh!

So I’m down to 97kg, with 2 weeks to go. I’m really hoping to get down to 95kg and then I’ll be just 10kg away from my pre-pregnancy weight.

I’ve also started prepping myself for when the challenge is over, and I’ve decided to participate in Junk Free June! I’ve also found a bootcamp closer to home so that I get a better balance of excercise and sleep… I mean time with my kids….

Two weeks left, I know I’ve got my work cut out for me but I’m not worried!

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