To my six month old…

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There’s a lump in my throat as I write this, for I know that you are truly not a newborn anymore. Six months old, half a year old. My my, where did the time go?

IMG_3146 (1).PNG

Six months ago, we checked into Frankston hospital, a planned c-section that was bumped to the top of the list. You were originally booked in to arrive christmas eve, but thanks to a lot of good luck (and a few early babies) we got to have you three days early.  We got to be home for christmas.

You were born December 21, at 1:36PM. 3.5kg of absolute bliss. Your birth was the labour I had always dreamt of. I was terrified, as anyone would be, that I had made the right decision. But as I held you in recovery and got to feel your skin on mine, I knew that we had made the right choice.

I could say the happiest moment in my life was the moment you got to meet your brother, boy was he excited to see you. But since then, the two of you have provided me with so many heart warming moments. I have never seen anyone love as fiercely as your brother loves you. And the way your eyes light up, I can see the feeling is very much reciprocated. I feel such peace knowing that you both have a best friend for life.

Imogen Lee, you are a thinker. Your smile has to be earned, although you always have one in waiting for Oliver and for your Dad. You don’t make a lot of fuss, but when you want something you know how to get it. You don’t cry much, but when you do boy do you scream.

Your relationship with sleep has been a tricky one. You really put us to the test with your four month sleep regression, and you still wake at least twice per night. But I know that you won’t need me forever. Know that when you do need me I will be here, whether you are 6 months or 36.

Boy, when did you get so big?

You love avocado and banana. You’ve tried a few others, but you’re not to phased by them. You’re not a big fan of baby lead weaning, although you do feed yourself with the spoon. The more you can get in your mouth the better. And heaven forbid you are made to sit in your highchair for too long before a meal.

Six months old and you are still breast fed. It’s not been an easy journey, and we have found a great balance with mixed feeding. I have not intention of giving up breast feeding just yet, but boy do you love your bot bot. And of course you love to be able to feed yourself.

Not a huge fan of tummy time, you have just started rolling a little. I am in no rush to get you moving, I can see you watching and I know that for now you are happy taking it all in. You have started sitting on your own, and you love that. It gives you a great vantage point in which you can take it all in.

You are gentle. I know that might seem contradictory to the fact that your favourite pastime is pulling our hair. But I can feel it, from the day you were born, I knew you were going to be gentle.

Thank you for picking us to be your family. You have brought so much light into our lives. We are all so totally in love with you.

Happy halfy my beautiful little lady.



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