Keeping up with the Joyces

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Okay, so straight up I’m going to tell you something shocking.

I’ve never actually watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I know, shocking right? But they have still taught me a thing or two.


And not just how to rock a killer lip liner.

About a year ago I had dinner with a few of my besties and one of them asked me what my pit and my peak was.


Your high and your low point from the day… It’s from the Kardashian’s they explained.

Oh. Wow!

I was not prepared. I can’t even remember what I answered. But I do remember reflecting on my day and breaking it down into good bits and bad bits. And feeling pretty good about it.

Fast forward to now, and every night at the table Oliver, James, Myself and even Imogen (as narrated by Oliver) talk about our best bit and our worst bit of the day.

It’s wonderful hearing Oliver break down what he thought was good, and what he thought was utterly horrible. And being able to explain some of the bad things, why they were bad and how he might be able to tackle them next time.

It’s even more interesting seeing him interpret Imogen’s day. I’m almost willing to wager a week’s salary that her bowel movements will be mentioned at least three times a week if not daily.

And the engagement when we tell him our highs and lows. Let me tell you, it’s rare to be able to get little boys to listen. But he does listen. And we chat. And we’re engaged.

It’s become my favourite time of the day. So thank you Kimmy K, you have made my day significantly better!


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