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Change, it’s as good as a holiday …or so they tell me.


So yeah, okay I’ve had a bit of a play and changed my blog around. The About Us section was well over due for an update, I mean it didn’t even mention Im.

But the blog is not all that has changed. As I wrote about here and here my little family has gone through some huge changes in the last month. Not only did James finish up his career in the Navy, but we also moved from the beach to an inner city burb.

So now, we can settle in… right?


Time is fast approaching for me to go back to work, which means daycare for Im. I am super fortunate that I have a flexible workplace so I won’t be going back full time, but it sure is going to be a shock for my attached little lady. I have found the perfect daycare, and I know she is going to love it. Of course there will be an adjustment period, but once she settles in it is going to be great for her. And I am so excited to go back to work. I have absolutely adored this year at home with the kids- but MY GOD am I ready to go back to work.

So theres that. But thats not even the biggest change coming our way. In February O becomes (as he calls it) a schoolie kid. He had his first transition session this week, and (apart from all the ugly crying from his dear ol’ ma) it has been such a positive experience. We are so fortunate that O gets to attend school with James’ half sister (she’s 10) and not only will he have his beautiful friend/aunt– it is such a fantastic school. If I could list all the things I want in a Primary School, this place pretty much has it. Play based, no homework, art and drama focused, Chinese ASL, the list goes on…

So yeah, change ey? It’s going to be yet another chaotic few months, but then that’s it. The end game. I mean, until the next thing right?

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