Five things I’m doing before I return from maternity leave…

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If I had a dollar for every time someone told me to enjoy my last few days of freedom I’d have, like, 5 bucks by now. 

So next week, I head back to work after just over 12 months on maternity leave and seriously HEAPS of people keep reminding me to enjoy my last few days off

Honestly, I’m as giddy as a kid at Christmas. I love my kids but I am SO excited to get back to work. Sorry not sorry, it’s just part of who I am as a mother and as a person. 

So, in lieu of all of those who wish me a relaxing last week of maternity leave, here’s how I’ll be spending it: 

  1. Laundry. Because I’m going to find the bottom of my laundry basket before I go back to work so help me. 
  2. Working out. I am *like* 2kg away from getting my work pants to zip up, and these days I’m a true believer in if it zips it fits. 
  3. Meal prepping. More money, more problems- right? Well there will be if we spend all our wages on lunches. 
  4. Cleaning. Because in theory if we’re not home, we can’t mess the place up right? So it’s worth my effort.
  5. Transitioning the kids into care. This not only includes orientations and trials. It also includes calling centre link, paper work, clothing and shoe shopping, and labelling ALL the things.

And don’t worry guys, I’ll be spending plenty of time with the kids- but I’d do that anyway because they are my entire life and I live every second with them… but I feel like my first day at work will be a break, and a start to my perfect work life balance… right guys? Right!?!? 

P.s. If you too have admired my wonderful maternity leave tan here’s how you can get one of your very own: Simply try walking anywhere with a tired 5YO lagging along, whilst baby wearing a bouncing one year old… and before you know if you’ll be spending approximately 75% more time in the sun, and voila, your VERY own mat leave tan! 


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