No new clothes challenge: January 2017

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The challenge: no new clothes for 2017. This includes shoes, accessories and second hand wears. 

I’m going to start this post of by sharing a documentary I watched recently- The Minimalists. (Currently on Netflix for this playing at home.) 

It was recommended by a friend of mine when I told her about my no new clothes challenge, and it really embodies a lot of what I’m trying to achieve with this challenge. 

Sure, it talks about consumerism a lot which is something I think a lot of us millennials face, and I honestly don’t know if I fully believe in their motivation. But it also talks about mindful living, and ethical fashion. I found that element particularly interesting, especially when one of the interviewees says,  (rough quote) “I don’t have to worry about what I wear everyday… I don’t have many clothes but all my clothes are awesome.”


So I started back at work this month after 13 months on maternity leave. A few people questioned how I would go not buying new clothes… well to be honest I purchased my self a few new work outfits at the end of 2016. But honestly, it’s easier. I don’t look at my colleagues and think oh wow, that looks heaps profesh I should get a [insert item of clothing here]. In fact, I don’t even think about it… much. 

Okey, sure- it’s a challenge and the first month has had its challenges. I realised that I have a lot of shit clothes. I also own a lot of stuff that just doesn’t fit, but I bought it for ‘one day’. 

But I also own a lot of amazing clothes that I forgot about or simply don’t wear because it’s too special. I’m now pretty confident those items will be on high circulation for 2017.

So here’s what I’ve been wearing this month:

  • A maxi- I purchased this at the end of 2016 and I’ve worn it about 6 times and the colour is already fading. I said to my hubby just today that 2016 Cass would have purchased 3 more, probably in similar styles and definitely on the lower end of quality. I definitely wish I’d spent a bit more and gotten a higher quality version. 
  • A princess highway short jacket- I’ve owned this baby for about 6 years and it’s had hundred of wears. I got it on sale for about $60 and almost didn’t buy it. It’s starting to fade pretty heavily so I’m considering dying it, but otherwise it’s still in great condition. 
  • Birkenstocks– I’m so glad I didn’t buy cheap knock offs. In true Cass fashion I purchased two pairs (because hey, they were on sale) but damn have they paid for themselves several times over! 
  • The Horse watch- 2 years old and still on the same band and battery. 

So here’s what I’ve learnt this month: 

  • Shopping is a bordem killer for me. I still find myself looking for the ASOS app or resisting the urge to pop down to Sydney Rd Brunswick to browse the shops. 
  • It doesn’t make me happy. The excitement of buying is nice, but it passes far before my bank account has replenished itself. 
  • I don’t wear about 80% of my clothes- hopefully this will change! 
  • My son notices how much I buy, “mum, you can go look at clothes then I’ll go look at toys!” 
  • But he’s also adapted VERY quickly. After just a month he no longer expects something every time I go shopping. 

I can’t believe I’m only a month in, but I already feel so refreshed! 

If you’re interested in joining in, please share your pics using the #patchimperfect2017challenge hashtag. 

*please note that this is not a sponsored post. All clothing that I have linked to I personally recommend based on quality, ethics and fit. 

** I can accept gifts as part of the challenge. If you wish to gift me clothing please contact me, but I cannot guarantee a review. 


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