To my schoolie kid, 

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I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. You came into this world the way you live, with a big dramatic entrance. 

That day, I became more than just a Mum. Whilst I’d always thought I was selfless, I never realised how truly selfless I could be. 

Running on empty but still chasing after you. 

Boy, what a journey we’ve been on. Four states, six houses, five daycares, three jobs, five cars, hundreds of road trips… through everything it was you and me. 

It was always you and me. 

And then Dad came home, and Immy was born. And I miss us, but I can see that you don’t. Sometimes you ask for alone time with your Mum, but mostly you just love people… you have that beautiful heart of yours out on your sleeve. 

And tomorrow, you start school. 

I feel proud. We did it. As a Navy family, all I wanted was stability for you before you’ve started school. And we’ve got it. You can spend your last day in the same school that you spend your first day, no civilian family can understand what a luxury that is! 

I want to give you everything, but as you walk through those gates tomorrow I know that there is only so much I can do from here. You’ll start listening to your teachers, your peers… and I’ll just be noise in the background. But I feel okay, we’ve come a long way kiddo- you really struggled in your early years but boy did you just keep on keeping on. 

And I’m so proud of you. 

I hope you are comfortable. Of course I want you to have fun, to learn, to make friends… and I know all of that will come. But first, I just want you to feel like you belong. Because you do. We worked hard to find the perfect school for you, and it just so happens to be the same school that your beloved Daisy goes to. 

So tomorrow, you become my schoolie kid. I can’t believe it. It feels like just yesterday we were dancing to giggle and hoot in our apartment in Sydney. I’m so glad you still like to dance with me, I hope you’ll always dance with me. 

From the day you were born, you took everything out of every single moment. It can be challenging sometimes, but it is such a beautiful trait. Don’t worry if some people don’t like you, that’s perfectly normal, just like you won’t like everyone. You could be the juiciest mango, but there will always be someone who doesn’t like mangoes. Don’t let it change you. Sure, it might hurt, and that’s okay. 

On the eve of your first day at school I want you to know that no matter what path you decide to take in life, I will always always be there for you. You can tell me anything, besides you’re terrible at lying (oh please stay terrible at lying)! 

So, Mr Schoolie kid- I’ll do my best not to cry at the gate but if writing this post is anything to go by, it’s not looking good. Please continue to squeeze as much out of life as you possibly can, and I’ll promise to always be there tricking to cut off your boo boos and use you as my pillow. 

I love you Oliver. You are my best buddy, and I am so excited for this new chapter in our…your life. 

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