The roller coaster that is the first full week of Primary School…

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Phew. What.a.week!

Like many 5 year olds around Australia, O had his first full week at primary school this week. 

The excitement of last week had subsided and it was time for serious business. 

And boy, is it a roller coaster. 

Monday started off with us being stuck behind TWO trams and getting to his class room right on 9AM. It ended with me picking him up and him telling me that his grade 2 buddy wasn’t his friend anymore but he had a new buddy. He also had a blood nose and a split lip somewhere in there, and he tried to keep a brave face but before bedtime he told me Mum I know I’m supposed to make the most of it but I just don’t know if I can.

He slept in our bed that night! 

Tuesday- his teacher clarified that he got a new buddy because O and his former buddy (M) we’re playing too much during class. They were, in fact, too good of friends. Phew. It ended with him making lots of new friends and generally feeling pretty good about himself. 

Wednesday we were super early, and he didn’t want to get out of the car before his class was open. I don’t want the kids to see me be too early Mum. He got to go to his Grandads house after school, where his best mate (and uncle) Ned lives. He was pretty impressed entirely exhausted but happy with the day. 

Thursday, his last day of the week, his teacher had yard duty in the morning. This totally threw him and me off as he couldn’t go in his class room until 9. But his old buddy (M) arrived and they hung around so O insisted I leave. He had after school care, and didn’t want to leave when his Dad picked him up. Poor James. Sometime throughout the day he traded his favourite Pokemon card for whatever reason. Tears ensued. Eventually we were able to focus on the fact that he had just finished his FIRST EVER week at school. 

Today, he went to his Babcia’s and kicked me out before I could even scabb a coffee! 

Schoolie kids, ey?

One things for certain, his little sister (yeah okay, and mum) miss the absolute shit out of him. Immy spends half her day standing at the door saying Ob-ba-ba. And I’m right there next to her (in spirit I’m more likely to be on my perch in the lounge room). 

He’s doing well. Really well. It’s a bigger change for all of us than I anticipated, but change is as good as a holiday. And damn I need a holiday! 

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