My lil’ rough and tumble

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The day I found out my second child was going to be a girl was a massive mix of emotions. 

Initially, I was terrified. A girl, what do I do with a girl. I’ve always been a tomboy and I always thought I would be a mother of boys.

But then I got super excited. A girl! My girl. Someone to craft with, to dress in pink, a calm child…

Yeah okay stepford wife! 

The reality is a bit different. Okay she’s only 14 months but she is not this placid little thing I was promised. 

And that’s the thing, 95% of people who found out I was having a girl assured me, “girls are much easier… far calmer as toddlers!”

I call bullshit. 

Sure, she’s different to her brother. Easier? Maybe… But calm is not in the list of words I would use to describe her.

And yep, she loves craft- and by craft I mean sitting at her table with ONE SPECIFIC PEN and a piece of paper ripping the absolute crap out of it with the tip. And heaven forbid she drops said pen…

She is rough. She is a force. She knows what she wants and she screams if she doesn’t get it. And I don’t mean cry, I mean high-pitched-short-burst screams!

She wears pink, sure. In her cycle of three outfits per day due to mud, pens and poop, pink tends to get a rotation. But I’ve long given up trying to ‘pretty’ her up. She needs play clothes, because heaven forbid her attire restrict her desire to play all.the.time! 

Watching her develop into a little human is just amazing. My eyes are so wider the second time around. She is really going to be a force- much like O. 

And whilst it would be far easier to have a placid little thing who is just content with whatever I decide to do… I wouldn’t change a hair on her head. 

Easy/schmeasy I don’t want a perfect little lady I want my kids to leave their stamp on the world. 

And boy, do they leave quite the impression everywhere they go! 

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