About us

piI used to have this idea of what being an adult would be like. I used to picture myself, cooking the perfect meal, working the perfect job, married to the perfect man… raising my perfect children.

Reality is so much different. But so, SO much better.

Cass- 28 year old mother, wife, friend and eCommunictions coordinator (in that order).

James- 28 year old father, gamer, husband, friend and I.T professional (again, in that order!).

O- 5, big brother, chatterbox, friend, gamer, hopeless romantic, sensitive soul transitioning into primary school life.

Im- 1, the baby, determined, foody, playful, cheeky, loving, curious water baby growing way to fast.

Not everything goes according to plan, and we’re not always smiling- but gosh we’re happy!

If you want to contact me for any reason, please email me.

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