10 week challenge

10 week challenge: week ten

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I can’t believe that ten week’s have gone by since I was sitting here writing about planting trees.

I can honestly say that signing up for Switch Health and Fitnesses 10 week challenge was up there with the best decisions I have ever made. I feel like a whole new person.

The results:

Total weight lost: 13.6KG
Total CMs lost: 46.5CMS
Challenge goals:
-To see double digits on the scale ✓
-To fit into my wedding rings again✓
-To be able to run 5km✓
-To fit into my Gorman Hot Night Dress✓



I’ve still got a long way to go, but looking at these pictures I can see how truly far I’ve come.


Ten week challenge: week 9

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Ah, one week left. I can’t hardly believe it.


Another week of the challenge, and another week of a sleepless child.

So I went easy on myself. I decided to put sleep before exercise, which was necessary. I didn’t make it to anywhere near the amount of classes I would have like to, but I really put into practice what I learnt.

I kept an eye on my nutrition, I walked instead of drove, I tried to do my own exercise when I could and I didn’t let myself go.

I also didn’t weigh myself. I though that will make it a little more exciting for my final weigh in!

So, one week left and my eye is on the prize. I am excited to look back on all my goals and see what I have achieved and what I still need to work on.

It’s really not the end, just the beginning of the rest of my life.

Ten week challenge: week 8

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After a weekend away, and essentially eating all the junk food that Ballarat had to offer, I learnt the hard away about the impact of crappy food on my body.

By Sunday night, I was dehydrated, exhausted and my skin was breaking out.


When that protein shake hit my lips Sunday afternoon- boy was I happy!

Food is my biggest downfall. I love it, and I love the sugar, salty, fatty stuff. And I struggle to stop once of started. So it’s no surprise I have a weight problem. 

And I know a lot about nutrition. I got it, I knew what it all meant, but for the first time this week I truly understood the importance of proper food. Three days later and I’m still detoxing the crap!

So yeah, I wasn’t expecting a loss this week so I decided to tackle one of my goals- and I did it. I ran 5 km!! Wooh.

And somehow, I even managed to drop a kilo this week. Wood wooh!

So I’m down to 97kg, with 2 weeks to go. I’m really hoping to get down to 95kg and then I’ll be just 10kg away from my pre-pregnancy weight.

I’ve also started prepping myself for when the challenge is over, and I’ve decided to participate in Junk Free June! I’ve also found a bootcamp closer to home so that I get a better balance of excercise and sleep… I mean time with my kids….

Two weeks left, I know I’ve got my work cut out for me but I’m not worried!

Ten week challenge: week 7

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I am well and truly on the home stretch now, and I am feeling fine.

So this week, I hit a massive weight loss milestone. So, I guess I better tell you guys… I am officially under 100kg… yay.

Honestly, if you had told me this time last year that I would be celebrating reaching 99 kilos, well I would have laughed in your face.

But here we are, and I am. And, in fact, I lost 2 kg this week so I am now down to 98kg.

I am still a long way from where I want to be. I am healthiest around 75kg, so that leaves me with 23kg to go. And sometimes, the thought of how far away I am really knocks my socks off. It’s almost enough to make me through in the towel.

But then I remember this amazing quote from one of my sons favourite movies.


When I started this challenge, I was 110kg. That was only 7 weeks ago. When I was full term with Imogen, I was over 120kg. That was only 5 months ago. I may still have a long way to go, but I know I can do it because I have already come so far.

So I have 3 weeks to go, and I am really going to push it. I’m really aiming to hit 95kg by the end of the challenge.

Wish me luck!

10 week challenge: week 6

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This week fucking sucked. There are very few things that were good about it. My daughter had a cold and just would NOT sleep, which left me absolutely exhausted. Like- sitting on my couch watching ABCkids in tears- exhausted.

It was tough. I ate horribly, when I ate. Because thats the thing with sick babies, they need you all the time. Preparing food was tough, and when I had a second it was spent with my son so we ate quick meals. I tried to keep them healthy, but quick meals rarely are. Heck, I even ate a cheeseburger- it was THAT kind of week.

But I showed up. I trained, and I was mindful. On days that I ate crap, I worked harder. On days that I’d barely eaten at all, I went easy on myself.


I didn’t expect a loss this week, but I still lost half a kilo. It’s not much, but it reflects how much I have learnt.

You see, I used to be all or nothing. So if I ate poorly, I just let myself go completely. And if I didn’t have the energy to work out at my full capacity, I wouldn’t even go. But this week, I ate a bit of shit food, yeah, but I didn’t let myself go. I went half arsed at a few workouts, sure, but I turned up.

And now things are settling back to normal. Today I worked my arse off at the gym. Imogen’s sleep is (somewhat) returning to normal. My diet is back on track. And I am feeling another gush of motivation (just in time).

So yeah, this week was not ideal. And sure, I’m disappointed in the small loss this week- but I’m still here! And I’m still moving.

10 week challenge: week 5

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This week, I have officially hit the half way mark of the 10 week challenge and I am feelin’ fine!


Half way, and ten kilos down. That’s right, I lost 2kg this week and I feel fantastic.

I also completed my best run since Immy was born this week- 4km at 7.38 per km. Nothing compared to what I was clocking pre-bubba but I sure have come a long way since that lil’ lady was born.

Another thing that has me glowing is how this new leash on life has really improved my relationship with my son. He comes to me now and asks me to play with him, just like he used to before I had Immy. And I can play with him. I think my absolute favourite is when he teaches me his cool dance moves. I really want my kids to look up to me, and I really want the to see the value in a healthy lifestyle!

I am feeling pretty bloody proud right now. I have been working my butt off, and it is really starting to show. I don’t expect to go on and lose another ten kilos in the next 5 weeks (boy it’d be nice) but I am as motivated as ever to keep smashing my goals.

Oh, and the best bit, I achieved all this and still got to eat some chocolate on Saturday night. I am really getting a grasp on this balance thing.

I am so glad I started, I am so so glad that I decided to take control of my weight and do something about it. I may be half way through the challenge, but I am only 5 week’s into the rest of my life!!


10 week challenge: week 4

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This week has been an absolute doozy, and not in a good way. You know those days when everything just feels like a HUGE effort, yep well that was my week

First Oliver was sick, so he was home from kindy- which meant no day time work outs.

It was also ANZAC day, so a long weekend. So my last group workout was Thursday night, and then I had a huge four days off.

I had a thousand excuses, and lord knows I tried them on. But my husband reminded me that I’m doing this for myself, and that I’m happier when I’m healthy (thanks babe).


So I ran. And I did my seven minute work out. And I turned up, because turning up in 50% of the battle.

And I focused on food. I decided to learn to cook- and so far so good. I made my first ever soup (pumpkin). It.was.amazing. I used this recipe, sans the sour cream.

I also dusted off the ol’ slow cooker and made lamb shanks WITHOUT a packet mix. I know- craaaazy. Again, delicious.

I’ve really enjoyed cooking, and I’ve REALLY enjoyed eating.

So this week I’ve lost another kilo, bringing my total weight loss to 8kg.

I also ran close to 4km, and squeezed into my Gorman Hot Night dress- which means I’m getting pretty closed to 2 of my goals and I’m not even half way.

I’m getting there, I’m not there yet, but I’m close.

I am in it for the long haul!