52 weeks of Oliver


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O 6

Oliver says:

“You’re here already, that was a great day but I really missed Immy.” The first thing he said after his first day at kindergarten.

“Oh my darling, it’s okay sweetheart.”

“Mum, you got me new hand soap for the bathroom! Thanks mum, it smells beautiful. You just made me so happy!”

“I am The King!” The King is his imaginary friend, and I am not at all sad to say goodbye to that ‘man’!

Immy 6

Imogen does:

Still on the reflux train.

Went 24 hours without a poo, and then pooed EVERYWHERE.

She does not like to sit still, unless she is looking at a particular spot on the wall.

Loves lifting her head up and seeing everything.



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Oliver says:

I’d call my baby Peepsy the fart baby and it’d just fart its own nappies off.

His name is MR STINKBUTT. (Referring to his bottom)


Imogen does:

Now exclusively breast fed.

Still has reflux, but more infrequently.

Hates sleeping in the pram/ bassinet and will give whoever picks her up the biggest smiles.

This week we had our first number three, well a few actually…


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19.01.2016 – 26.01.2016


Oliver says:

Daddy was a baby, and then he was a little boy. Then he became a man and then he met you and then I went in your tummy!

If you had a baby, what would you call it? Inny!

Mummy can’t swim mate. OH… that’s okay we can go in the shallow water and she can just walk or I can just show her.


Imogen does:

Focuses her eyes, she particularly loves watching her Daddy (and his computer screen).

She has reflux at the moment which is causing many tears.

She is now sleeping from 9(ish)-2 and then 2:30-5:30


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12.01.2016 – 18.01.2016

Ollie 3

Oliver says:

Don’t worry baby, we’re here to protect you from all the bad things!


I was not expecting that.

Game on MOLE!

Immy 3

Imogen does:

Weight and head size is in the 50th percentile. Height is in the 80th percentile.

This week Imogen has had reflux.

Her hair is lightening, fingers crossed for a red head.

She lifts her head like a champion, but is not to keen on tummy time.


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04.01.2016 – 11.01.2016


Oliver says:

Oh no, don’t look now but there is the biggest Daddy bird.

Quick, I need my t-shirt. I need to cover my wee-wee hole (aka belly button).

Yes! Rock andOR roll.

Daddy, I like this face better. If your old face comes back, I’m going to slap it. (Said after James shaved off his beard).


Imogen does:

Sleeps for 4-5 hour stints during the day, wakes between 1-3 hours at night.

Makes eye contact.

First smile, (age 3 weeks) directed at Grumpy. Second smile, (3 weeks 2 days) directed at Ollie.


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Oliver says:

I am freaking out!

Ollie, what job do you want to do when you grow up? I want to hold my sister.

That’s cold blooded!

*Singing* Listen to your brother, we don’t eat people.

Immy, I don’t have any milk in me.

Oliver, come here now! Oh no, I’m in trouble…


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What a portrait to end the year on!


Oliver says:

It’s okay Immy, don’t be sad. You’re safe now, Ollie’s here.

Ollie, what was your favourite thing about christmas?
Going to the doctors and bringing the baby home.

*Said to Mummy on the day we got home from the hospital*
Finally, everything is back to normal with the world.

Hmmm… Mummy your tummy is not back to normal just yet.