What they don’t tell you about being a parent

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If you’re anything like me, when you made the decision to become a parent then you did a whole lot of googling.

You read about the joys of being a parent. The first smiles, the first steps, the first words, hearing them say “I love you” for the first time.

You read about the trials of being a parent. The sleepless nights, the nappy blow outs, the tantrums, hearing them say “I hate you” for the first time.

But what you don’t read about, what no one tells you – is that it can be absolutely heartbreaking.

Your child is like a raw nerve walking around on the outside of your body, and every time they hurt, you hurt ten fold.

Every time they have a hard day, and you see the stress in their little eyes as they hold back the tears… your heart absolutely breaks and you have to keep it together and tell them it’s going to be okay. 

When they fall over and scratch their knee and you watch them trying not to overreact and holding back every instinct to swoop in, when you let them get up and dust themselves off because you know that they need to decide if they need you for themselves… it’s the hardest thing.

Being a parent, it’s incredible. Most days you go to bed feeling totally fulfilled about the little humans you are sharing this life with.

But some days you find yourself up at midnight worried about an event that upset your child that day, more worried than you would ever be if that excact thing happened to you.

Because your children are your rawest nerve, and no matter how much you protect them it’s inevitable that they are going to have shitty days.

And as their parent, it’s heartbreaking to watch. Even though that we know this is a part of life, an important part of life, it doesn’t make it any easier… 

Coming December 31 2015

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There’s something we’ve been dying to tell you…

We’re having a baby! Due December 31 2015, happy new years to us. 

We are just so excited for the journey ahead.

Gender coming soon…

Is your child a good sleeper?

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So, does your kid sleep through the night? What about getting them into bed, how does that go?

Don’t worry, it will all change in a heart beat anyway!

Us? Well I used to be able to set my watch by Oliver’s bed time. Every night he’d wake up at 3am, and resettle after a feed.

This was how it was from the time he was six weeks until he hit two years.

And then, he’d sleep all night. From 7pm to 7am. Straight to bed and straight asleep. No worries.

I was pretty bloody happy about it. And yes, I told all my friends about it. The good sleeper at the party, I thought the sleepless nights were something in our past.

Boy, was I wrong.

He stopped going to bed on his own. Then he started begging for 2-3 milks per night, so most nights he’d leak through his nappy and end up in our bed.

Then he just started sleeping in our bed.

How quickly my bright eyes were replaced with deep bags, and my bragging rights were replaced with complaints.

Oh, how I miss the days on the easy bedtime routine!

It’s only gotten worse in the past two years of sleepless nights, and it really puts a huge strain on each of us.

Three days ago, we decided it had to change. It’s not the first time we’ve decided this, but this time it has to work,

So, we decided to use a tried and true method: bribery.

I went down the street and purchased a whole heap of knock off ‘MySpace’ Lego (pretty sure they’re minecraft characters but it’s okay Ollie can’t read yet!) and told Oliver if he sleeps in his own bed each night, he gets a new toy.

So far, we haven’t given him any.

BUT, for the past 3 nights Oliver has fallen asleep in his own bed at 7pm. Wowsers. And, although he made his way into our bed each night, this morning he slept in until 6:30am.

That sure beats the 10pm-4am we’ve been running on recently.

Three nights of actually spending time with my husband. Three nights of sleep. Three days of a well slept child.

Oh gosh, I hope this lasts.

How do your kids sleep? And how dies that affect your life?


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27.04.2015 – 03.05.2015

Oliver says:

No Mummy, soy milk is not good for you. It’s very yucky.

What they called?
I enjoy them.

Mummy it’s my song.
I did a very slight dance*
I can see you.


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20.04.2015 – 26.04.2015

Oliver says:

I can’t go to bed, it’s too dreamy.

Manaaki squished my arm! (Ended up in a cast)

Ollie has hot pizza, Mummy has grape pizza, Daddy has a salad!

Wow, there’s hundreds of boney fish.

Daddy not march, Daddy teach!

We went there: Dinosaur World, Somerville.

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Last Sunday, we visited Dinosaur World. It’s a beautiful farm down in Somerville, Vic (5 minutes off the Peninsula Link) full of walking, talking dinosaurs. And it’s a lot of fun, for about 45 minutes.


Pros: This place is pretty out of the ordinary, it’s something unique and perfect for kids who just love dinosaurs (like Oliver). The staff is incredible, parking is easy, and there’s a picnic ground so you can bring your own lunch. The dig and discover is a MUST DO! And meeting baby Wilbur is a lot of fun. We missed it this time, but meeting the walking dinosaurs, Winnie and Wilson would be an absolute treat. Oh and there’s a ride on tractor (the farm doubles as a christmas tree farm in Summer!).

Cons: Cost! It’s $15 per adult and $12 per kid, and that dig and discover I told you about is $8 extra per child, so not a cheap day out. And it will only keep your kids entertained for about half an hour, 45 minutes if they are lucky enough to make a little friend to run around with (like Oliver did!). It’s also off the beaten track, approximately 1.5hrs out from Melbourne CBD– but if you do come down for the day I strongly recommend grabbing lunch at the Tyabb Packing House. The dinosaurs are also very loud, little O got a little bit scared with some of the dinosaurs and I could see that was a common issue as other kids expressed the same feeling.

Summary: It’s a perfect treat for dinosaur lovers aged 3-9. BYO lunch if you want to save some money, and prepare your kids for interactive dinosaurs so they don’t get any unwelcome surprises!

Aentry1Aentry2AFossilsAFossils2AFossil3Apicnic AWilburAdino1adino2

  1. The VERY impressive gift shop/barn
  2. The entrance, it all felt vey Jurassic park-esque
  3. The dig and discover—an absolute must!
  4. Digging up the fossil that he found
  5. It was a dinosaur tooth!
  6. The picnic grounds, perfect for a BYO lunch
  7. Patting Wilbur the baby dino
  8. A very impressive Brachiosaurus, that sounded a LOT like an elephant
  9. The dino they all love to hate, the T REX!


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23.02.2015 – 01.03.2015

52 project

Oliver says:

Concerned Daddy might pick him up from daycare after he’d left:
Tell Daddy that Grumpy picked me up.

Humph, my arms can’t grow.
Oh sweetie, you don’t want to grow too fast.
Yeah. I can’t grow any bigger and bigger, because the roof will come off.

Daddy, you have fat hair.

No Daddy, I’m not your best friend. Mummy is your best friend.

Panda, you’re my best friend.